I was 172 kgs 193 cm height in 2014 after watching your video on YouTube I started KetoDiet with Fasting and High intensity interval training I am now 123kgs

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By: Rabnawaz C.

I am Rabnawaz C. living in Islamabad, Pakistan. I am an entrepreneur dealing in used car business and a fish farmer. I was 172 kgs, 193 cm height in 2014. After watching your video on YouTube I started keto diet with fasting as well as high intensity interval training. I am now 123kgs. I need to wait more to lose but I am very thankful for your videos and free motivational tips, thanks again. In November I'll visit Washington DC with MD for visiting friends, and shopping for myself and family. I would love to meet you, if you give me a chance. I am sharing my pictures. Regards, Rabnawaz C.

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