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I want to live more!

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By: Mrs. Bulah P. Wheeler

I MADE A DECISION TO LIVE! Approximately 3 yrs. ago, after experiencing much lower back pain and excruciating pains shooting down my right leg, I was finally diagnosed with a condition called Spinal Stenosis. My life changed, pain now controlled my body. I found out that this condition was debilitating. Where did this condition come from? Why now? I had never been in a hospital or really sick in my life. The only answer the doctor gave me was that “you can thank your parents”. Doctor told me X-rays showed that I had been developing arthritis surrounding the bones in my lower back since my 30’s. It was difficult to give up some of my favorite passions that included walking to work, gardening and arranging my home. I couldn’t even lift my right leg to climb into bed without a stepstool. Finally, the pain on my right side dictated when I could move my leg. After rising from a chair, many times I counted to at least 35 before my right leg would move. Also, I developed a limp. My weight was out of control. Pain wouldn’t let me exercise. I was taking 500 mgs. Pain medicine in the morning and night. Also, I took pain medicine for the nerves in my legs. My doctor gave me 3 alternatives: (1) do nothing and continue getting worse (2) temporary band-aid: Cortisone Shot watch my diet and (3) fusion operation on my back. On Tuesday, September 27, 2011, I decided to see Dr. Eric Berg. I made the only decision I could…TO LIVE! I was scheduled for the Cortisone Shot procedure on Friday (Sept. 30th…I cancelled!). I am living so well now (smiles)…since September 27, 2011, I have not taken any pain medicine…absolutely none…not even an aspirin…I don’t even have to count to 35 before moving my leg! My body is changing for the better. I am stronger…my body feels so much healthier. I came in at 212 lbs. I now weigh 186 lbs. (smiles). Most of all, I understand why my body changed for the worse and I am learning how to stay well…in other words…LIVE MORE ABUNDANTLY (smiles)! THANK YOU GOD! THANK YOU Dr. Berg, Dr. Laura Reid and the wonderful staff at the Health and Wellness Center!

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