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I Want Everyone To Feel This Good

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By: Tori W

My name is Tori Will and I am 33 years old. I began my journey back in September of 2016. I started with Ketogenic eating and appropriate supplementation and felt amazing pretty quick. It only took me about 3 months to lose 34 pounds and 3 sizes. I took a slight hiatus from the Ketogenic life during the Holidays of 2017 and suffered the consequences for it such as fatigue, moodiness, loss of motivation, etc. I still had energy and stayed well because I’ve stayed nutrified this whole time and I still stayed away from a lot of bad foods. But I had lost some of my spunk...then when I came back to Keto I began researching Dr Berg’s methodology on it per my father’s inspiration. (I had gained most of my previous knowledge from other sources before looking into Berg). And within 4 weeks of seriously jumping back into Keto and adding Intermittent Fasting, my energy levels started soaring, my mood started stabilizing, my insides and brain literally felt clear and vibrant, and I quickly lost the 8 pounds I had gained over the Holidays! Now, I believe Dr Berg will help take me to the next level in my health and my weight loss journey and get these last 10 pounds off for good! My goal is to continue to help others achieve the victories that I have because I want EVERYONE to feel this good and not be bound to toxic pharmaceuticals! Thank you Dr Berg for helping all of us!!

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