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By: Alison Gannett

I've used therapeutic keto along with drastic lifestyle and environmental changes to heal my terminal malignant brain cancer. Diagnosed in 2013, the mean survival for my type of cancer was 6.8 months (with surgery chemo and radiation). I had a partially successful sugery, but knew that I wanted to heal the reasons I got cancer instead of poisoning myself with chemo and radiation. Working with Dr. Nasha Winters, I have been working to reverse all my root causes, with the foundation being intense therapeutic keto. She then asked me to train with her in 2014, and have completed the American Nutrition Association's Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist. I now specialize in "Conquer Cancer with Keto" and "Customized Oncology Nutrition" - using my client's DNA, 70 blood chemistry labs, health and tumor pathology to create a customized keto diet and lifestyle plan. No two people are alike, no two cancers are alike and no two keto plans should be the same! We all are hardwired to prefer certain types of fats, proteins, carbs, caffeine, and much more. I want to share my story to give hope to those out there with cancer. We are not statisitics!

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