I've now lost 112lbs/8st/52.802Kg.

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By: Heather H.

Thank god for Dr Berg, keto and Intermittent fasting. Before photo wasn't at my heaviest (I refused to have my photo taken) it was taken 28th January 2018 the day I started Keto and IF after/during photo was taken last Thursday 31st May 2018. 4 months apart. Ive now lost 112lbs/8st/52.802Kg. It took me over 18 months on my own to lose 44lbs then since I started keto I have lost a further 68lbs. I have officially reversed my T2 diabetes. I have reversed my hypertention and reveresed my sleep aponea. I started out 3 keto meals 16:8 then once in ketosis and hunger faded I went to 2 meals 20:4 after 2 months I was fat adapted and on OMAD 23:1. I have done a week of OMAD Fasting OMAD Fasting and 1 73hour wet fast in thia time. My Fibromyaglia pain is nowhere near what it was and I have far more energy I walk with a walking stick everyday no longer in my wheelchair. My PCOS symptom s are lessening each month also and no longer need clotting meds for it. I still have over 100lbs to goal weight.

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