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By: Michael Jewel Davis

I've never been severely overweight, but I did go through a period once I hit 30 years old, married with an autistic child, I let myself go. I was eating and snacking all the time, mainly call comfort foods and snacks, drinking case after case of beer...stressed out by work, family and life in general. Ive always worked out, but not enough to be considered healthy. I woke up one morning and decided I had had enough of feeling like crap, and devoted all of my time an energy on positive things in my life, including reconstructing my health. I first started intermittent fasting six months ago, and it was extremely difficult at first, but I was dedicated and I didn't give up. I completely stopped snacking, and only drink water now. I also began calisthenics and resistance training, all at home, in a small gym I made for myself. And in just six months time, and at age 37, I'm in better shape than people half my age. Nutrition above all else was the key, eating more vegetables, and getting the correct of protein and carbohydrates. Watching your informative vids on intermittent fasting has reassured me that I'm doing the right thing. Thank you

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