I've lost 61lbs in 6 months and have never felt better!

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By: Amanda N.

My journey began in February 2018. I've always been on the heavier side, but when i got married the weight just packed on and i was always in denial about how much i was gaining. I would never step on the scale because i didn't want to face the truth. In February, i finally faced me fears and got on the scale. I was 250lbs! Ive never been that big, the most ive ever weighed was 205. Thats when i told myself im done! I felt horrible & disgusted. I researched about the keto diet & thats when I came across Dr. Berg. I started with 3 meals a day then worked up to OMAD. Following Dr. Berg, i came across Dr. Jason Fung and started incorporating fasting. I mostly did 24hr, 48hr & 72hr fasts. I've lost 61lbs in 6 months and have never felt better! I have 40 more lbs to lose til my goal of 150lbs.This has become a permanent lifestyle change for me! Thanks Dr. Berg for helping me learn about what my body needs to be happy & healthy!

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