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By: Terrillynn West

I've been on keto for 4 months and have seen great improvement in may ways. My skin tags are disapearing , My fat is almost gone. I have that stuborn belly fat to get rid of. It is going away slowley. My starting weight was 69 kilos,(152 lbs), now is 56 kilos,(123 lbs and I want to lose 2 more kilos,(4lbs). I'm hoping my fat wil be gone by then If not I will want to adjust so I stop losing weight and continue to loose fat. I think I will get an ultrasound of my belly to see if there are any medical problems I need to repair. I'm so happy to of found this way of living. I do sometimes miss my sugar, right up till I eat them and feel so badly. I'm in the light blue shorts and dark blue top,(like I hd to explain).

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