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I'm on OMAD+IF and I love it!

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By: Robin Feltner

I've been on Keto for three years, and IFing for 2.7 years. My IF schedule is typically OMAD at about 6 pm. Dinners are low carb, 20-25 or fewer carbs per day, high fat, moderate amount of protein. I typically have had a cheat meal on Saturdays throughout the journey and that has helped. I was 49 in the pic on the left (with lots of belly fat), I'm 52 now. I'm 5'6" (I always like to know folk's height and weight, don't you? ha!). I started at 159 on the left, ended at 129 on the right. I flux from 129-134 pounds. I didn't exercise hardly at all during this time because I had a severely herniated disc in my back. I started Keto (low inflammatory diet) to heal my back. And shortly thereafter, IF. It worked! I still don't exercise very much, but I'm going to start. I work in public health and my work week has been insane! So many hours, but I'm going to figure out my fitness routine next. I try to do OMAD as much as I can, but I work in a very quiet room with others and it's super embarrassing when my stomach is growling, so sometimes I eat just to avoid that embarrassment. Otherwise, I'm fat-adapted and I can push through most days without eating, and just have one meal at night. Has anyone found the cure for a growling stomach (besides eating lol) Great to connect with you all. - Robin from Cincinnati ps... photos are before and after. Also, the other photo is me and my grandma both at age 52.

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