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Martin C Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Martin C

I've been huge my whole life. I was that one really big kid you grew up with in school. I learned to fear the scale in 5th grade when everyone in my class got weighed and I was 100lbs heavier than everyone, teacher included. Fast forward 20 years and I just got heavier. At my heaviest I was well over 400lbs. I wish I could tell you my weightloss journey was all fun & games, but I'd be lying. It started from depression and self loathing. I starved myself and avoided food like if the longer I went without eating, the closer I was to love and acceptance. But after noticing some weightloss, I started lightly working out. I tried every diet I could find, with some success. But I still wasnt happy. I was always hungry, or I hated the "healthy" foods I had to eat. Long story short, I discovered IF and fell in love, my meal portions stay big, sometimes huge when I'm doing one meal a day. A few weeks into IF, I discovered the ketogenic diet and now I'm unstoppable. I have found the love and acceptance I was searching for. I'm learning to love and accept myself.

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