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By: Riz Vicious

I've been battling obesity for all my life peaking at 200kg last year, I've tried countless diets and exercises and nothing worked. Because all the diets I've been on left me craving more food and never gave me the energy I need to do physical activities so I gave up... and that's when I peaked at 200kg. A friend of mine told me of the ketogenic diet last year, I had been worried for my health as I was having trouble just walking down the block to get some snacks and I thought to myself, "well one more diet, nothing to lose". A week went by cutting out carbs, I felt horrible... I had already been training on a bicycle to help with getting active again and when the keto flu hit me... I felt like all my work was for naught as my muscles cramped from the slightest of activities. After the 2nd day of the keto flu, I felt revitalized like I had more energy than I ever had before and I could get back to cycling as per usual. I also noticed that my appetite was in control... I had no food craving... and I was able to do upwards for 3 days of intermittent fasting. As the months passed by I noticed myself getting smaller and smaller my clothes getting bigger and I was no longer able to do more than 1 day worth of intermittent fasting as I got thinner. Now I'm at 78kg and I'm staying on the ketogenic lifestyle and sharing with people, on instagram, ketogenic recipes as I live in Asia and we're a very carb dominate food scene.

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