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Thanks to you Dr. Berg for your knowledge that helped me a lot,

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By: Omar Ahmed Bajaber

I used to be 144 kg, now I am 104 kg and still working to reach 80 or 76.5 kg, my story is short. I cut on carbs and sugar, closer to 0. I started 2015 in 6 months lost 20 kg but unfortunately, I gain them back, but 2019 I decided to start but this time no coming back, I started 1st mint with keto and IF And I lost 6 kg after that I joined GYM with a personal trainer who relies on helped my a lot, and during this time I follow Dr. Berg YouTube Chanel and especially watching anything about keto, during the pandemic lockdown I thank God I didn’t gain much weight back (only 2.5 - 3 kg because I was fasting for 1 month which is Ramadan (Muslim fasting month) and I did lose them afterlife is back to normal, hope at the end I will reach my goal. and hope my story will inspire others, maybe I didn’t lose so much but Thanks to you Dr. Berg for your knowledge that helped me a lot, recently I bought The Healthy keto Book and hope it will guide more to know better about my body to help me reach my goal in the coming month. Regards Omar Bajaber

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