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By: Stephanie McGarrigle

I turned 40 recently and, thanks to keto & IF saving my life, I am in a healthier body now than when I was 16. Early in 2017, I suffered pulmonary embolisms after having a DVT (clot) in my right calf. I was pushing 330lbs, and not in a healthy body at all. About 6 months after the clots, I woke up and knew things had to change. Since beginning keto & IF on Sept. 25, 2017 at 327.4lbs (and as of June 30, 2018), I have lost 123.8lbs, but I've also stopped (6) prescriptions for pain, nerves, sleep, anxiety, GERD/reflux, nasal steroids, and the birth control pill. I've regained mobility that had been lost since the delivery of my second baby. Nine months ago, I couldn't put my own sock on my right foot - and now I can comfortably sit cross-legged in my car! Thank you keto & IF, and thanks to Dr. Berg for all of his ground-breaking information, truly a life-changer/saver. or to continue following my story. Keep it simple & keto on!

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