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I tried to bring back my youth and accidentally reversed insulin resistance

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Hi everyone! My story might not be visually impressive, I lost only 13 kg (around 30 pounds) and managed to keep this weight off for 5 years and counting. By practicing keto and intermittent fasting, following Dr. Berg’s advice. On the left - my best shot with full make-up and posing to appear slimmer. On the right - me some days ago, no make-up and very casual. But here is the part of my story which is behind the scenes. I had severe INSULIN RESISTANCE.


How do I know? I couldn’t live without eating every 2 hours, my hands and legs would be shaking. Once a week for a couple of days, I had to stay in bed in the dark because of terrible migraines. But who would take kids to school and do the chores if I was in bed? So I wasn’t staying in bed most of the time. I was vomiting. I had huge brain fog, couldn’t concentrate, was extremely moody. During the days without migraines, I was trying to compensate by being extra active, extra happy, extra energized. That would lead to total physical and emotional exhaustion. Plus I had acne, my skin aged prematurely (imagine deep wrinkles around your mouth at the age of 29!). I had very heavy periods (couldn’t get out of the house during those days, THAT BAD). Started losing sight, had to wear glasses to drive at night or read. Had very bad constipation. And these are just a few more or less serious symptoms. Which I was treated separately, of course, with drugs.


I visited gynecologists, physicians, neurologists, and a dietitian. The first three NEVER looked at my diet. The latter checked my blood sugar (which was ok at the time) and created a meal plan with frequent meals and small sweet snacks in between, like kit-kat chocolates(!) and fruits. Disaster.

Then I found videos of Dr. Berg while searching about premature aging and natural remedies for it. Talk about priorities, LOL. So I gave up all the “healthy eating” and frequent meals. Lost 5 kilos within the first 2 weeks! Migraines just “magically” disappeared. I focused more, started reading, writing, working better. I did not need to take 2 naps in order to get through the day! It took a little longer to solve major issues, like heavy bleeding during the cycle and wrinkles. And I’m still not there yet. But I see huge progress!


As I continued losing weight and feeling better, I started digging deeper into the KETO and IF mechanics. Started giving advice to my loved ones. They were deeply impressed with my results. My mom came on board 1 year after I started this lifestyle. She had a gallbladder removed and tons of health issues. We thought it’s all downhill from thereon. But she not only resolved major health issues, she actually lost 10 kilos! She is still on KETO to this day, gaining health little by little. So, I feel I’m on the mission to spread the word and help everyone who needs this help. Really, ask me anything. I dedicate few hours of the day just for that - answering questions. And I love it! I even just finished Dr. Berg's Keto Coaching course. I'm officially a keto coach now! And you know the funny part? I was a home-schooled confectioner! I made cakes for every birthday of my family and close friends! Even wanted to open my shop and do it full time but there was one problem - NO HEALTH to do anything! It is truly GET HEALTHY TO LOSE WEIGHT and not LOSE WEIGHT TO GET HEALTHY.

4930 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others! Add your success story

4930 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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