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By: Perry Domangue

I thought you NEED do a video on how to get Vitamin D from the sun without getting cancer. The difference is that we need UVB not UVA for vitamin D production. A good rule of thumb is only go out side to expose yourself when your height is taller than your shadow is long. If the sun is not high enough in the sky the UVB gets scattered by the upper atmosphere (high frequency radiation). Also UVB doesn't travel through any glass (aka car windows), and you should only go out when you have a strong shadow with no clouds in your way. Typically you only get UVB between 11 am and 4 pm, but at that time you only need like 4 mins of full body exposer. Also you can look at the UV index and any rating above 5 or so is probably good to go (5 out of 11). I hope you get the message out there because this is why so many people of vitamin D deficient these days.

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