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By: Annie Boatright

I stumbled across your YouTube and all of the useful information that you share and decided to give IT a try. After years of competition diets and having babies I believe my Fat Storing Hormone levels and or metabolism was struggling. It was VERY VERY hard to even drop a lb every few weeks with a very clean diet and exercising daily. I tried keto and carb cycling and use these methods constantly with my clients but this was my first attempt at IT. I started with a 16:8 and found it very natural and easy to do. I always actually forced myself to eat 6 healthy meals a day because I believed in the theory that you have to fuel your body often to burn fat. I didn’t have a huge change in weight but felt so amazing in doing so I wanted to increase my fasting level. I began doing the 20/4 and sticking with my workout routine I quickly noticed this was drastically working. I was able to lose every bit of my baby weight and then some . I’ve never felt better in my life and I’m absolutely thankful that I found the content that you provide because this has changed my life for the better. I had struggled not only with weight loss but bad skin, hair not growing , yeast infections and stomach aches at a chronic level. I have had amazing weight loss , hair growth and the stomach aches and yeast infections are non existent since starting this way of life. Thank you to the moon and back!

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