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By: Justin Kirk

I stumbled across your videos about 3 years ago when I weighed close to 280lbs. I had seen a photo of myself with a cousin who came to visit me after having not seen him in years and he looked fantastic and I hadn't really paid attention to what I looked like for the last few years since my first son was born. After seeing this photo " I'm on the right" I knew I had to do something differently. For years I had been eating 6 or more meals a day trying to kick in my metabolism but the older I got the heavier I became. After watching your video and realizing what I was doing wasn't working I tried what you suggested, for 2 years. NOW I look better than when I was in the military and hope to get back in the kind of shape I was in during my 20's. Not only have I lost lots of excess body fat but I manged to lose the weight without losing any strength in my workouts. Not only did I not lose strength but was still able to grow in strength and endurance as if I had been eating like I did in my 20's when I went to the gym much more religiously. After the first year I felt good enough about my new look to dress up with the family for a Toy/Costume Convention as Batman...... in tights. I've never been in tights in my life by the way. Basically I was doing everything wrong and swearing by information that either wasn't relevant to my aging body or it was never true to begin with, but I have gotten great results and whenever I see I put on a few lbs I know exactly what to do. And this year I have to get a new shirt for my Batman costume because it's no longer tight, it's actually baggy. Thank you for offering this information for free on youtube, it is extremely generous of you.

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