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Pat Wolfe Wolfe|my journey


By: Pat Wolfe Wolfe

I started with Keto Dr Berg about 10 weeks ago I am 74yrs old have eaten a natural diet for about 50 yrs. But could not lose any weight I was stuck at 12st 6lb and felt very out of balance. I googled best diet and Keto came up I then started to watch Dr Berg. At first I thought it was going to be easy untill I did a form fill in with Dr Burg saying I was most likely insulin resistant and adrenal problems. So not such a good start as I thought itwould be! I cut all sugar out 11 weeks ago and reduced my carbs right down to very low. I am intermitant fasting 2 meals a day. I haven't lost a lot of weight yet but I am committed to doing it Dr Burgs way as I believe he has integrity and wants the best for each of us and I trust him completely. I look forward to be able to share with you my results as they inprove I love the diet it's a so good with all the Keto recipes. I am more interested in healing my body so I can get to my goal weight eventualy that's about 10st it's great to have Dr Burg explain everything so you know what you are doing... I suffer with COPD and osteoarthritis as well the inflammation is so much better and so are my lungs. So pleased about that. I have so much to thank Dr Berg for. And believe he is my answer to prayer..

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