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I started weighing 218 pounds, now I'm at 176, 42 pounds less and feeling great.

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By: Gerardo V.

"I started in February, I got out of ketosis while on vacations in Japan and China for 19 days, after that I broke it 1 time for my birthday and one time out of desperation because I was not losing weight. The photo in the right, was not even the heaviest I was before starting keto, I started weighting 218 pounds, now I'm at 176, 42 pounds less and feeling great. It turns out that there are ton of things in the traditional mexican diet keto friendly, I can go out almost to any restaurant, there will be always meat, avocado, veggies, lime, etc, is very easy, I just have to leave out the corn tortillas, I eat half of the time out of home in restaurants, no issues, this still works great. Don't give up, my wife also had great results, and she cheats way more than I do, she lost over 30 pounds faster than I did. I'm 37 btw and not doing much workout, I just play some VR games 2-3 days per week, and muscles feeling strong, I'm not losing muscle at all."

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