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By: Jeff hall

I started running 14 months ago and 2 months in I came across you via youtube. I've ran 500 + miles in the last yr. and run 3 at a time. Generaly run 30 miles per month. One month I ran 60 next 70 next towards the end 100 in one month. This is nothing in comparison to some others. I bought plant based liquid colidal minerals, and plant based liquid multi vitamins. Also I drink Vega one nutritional shake every day. Careful not to get to much vitamin A. Also copper for grey wiskers.. I lost few pounds but most importantly I had an awakening!! Thank you dr berg!! I mentioned you several times in my 12 videos I made on my awakening. (At youtube) This just happened 11/22/17 I owe it to you, because the diet is the key along with Human Respect! Also have to mention Ralph (deep waters) my mentor via youtube..

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