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By: Chandrima Goswami

I started off my weight loss journey being 67.5 Kgs at 5'1". I used to have a huge swelled up belly with regular digestion problems, IBS, short breath, morning tiredness, and I used to regularly have antacid tablets and anti-gas tablets, not knowing they themselves were contributing to my problems. I was tired of being unhealthy and having digestion issues and I wanted to get rid of regular medications. So on the first week of January, 2017, I pledged myself to lose weight. The "staying healthy then losing weight" idea wasn't there in my mind yet. I started googling and searching weight loss tips stuff on YouTube a lot. Then a week later, I came across Dr. Eric Berg's YouTube channel, where he talks about going a size down in a week. I got really interested in those new concepts I never read about before and gradually after binge watching many of his videos over days, I mastered the concept of what Fat Storing Hormone resistance is, how to prevent a fatty liver while losing weight, what intermittent fasting is, which are the so called "low fat" foods which raises Fat Storing Hormone and so much more. I was so, so interested and motivated on watching everything he said that I cut off my carbohydrates intake drastically, started having healthy fats like almonds, walnuts, butter, coconut oil, etc, has 3 cups of salad everyday at each meal, and a month later when my body got adapted to this new diet, I started intermittent fasting in the second week of February, 2017. By the end of March, 2017 I was 53.5 kgs and lost 14 kgs in 2 and a half months! Also to mention, I got into regular walks and did HIIT 3-4 times a week. Dr. Berg's concept that we lose glycogen from muscles while working out and lose fat which resting was amazing. I would like to thank Dr. Berg very much, as I am really really grateful to him. I lost another 2 kgs after march, and now it's August and I'm maintaining my 51-52 kgs weight throughout. Other info: Age: 20 years Gender: Female Height: 5'1" Wight before: 67.5 kgs Weight after: 51 kgs.

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