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By: Narendra Bhati

I started my weight loss journey when I was around 99 KG with a serious habit of eating junk food with lots of oil and butter etc. The day I git the gym and started working out with intensive cardio and weight training I started losing lots of weight. I was on 1200 calories diet while weight loss journey. I was checking my weight each day after the workout which kept motivated against my weight loss diet. After around 60 days I reached 78 KG and started my new life & now I am going ahead to build muscle mass and gain strength. Nowadays I am on IF diet with 2-3 Meals a day ( 5 Hours Eating + 19 Hours Fasting). I tried to do Keto with IF but somehow not able to do Keto due to office timings and working culture. I have 2 different pictures with before and after as collapse.

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