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Hollee Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Hollee

I started my new Journey on January 22nd 2018. I had gotten to my biggest weight I had ever been in my life. I hit 326lbs! I swore I would never go over 250lbs, let alone 300lbs! but slowly over a about a year and a half I steadily went up and up.. I have always been over weight, I did my first diet at the age of 8! I told my grandmother I was not going back to school, because I was teased for being overweight. So I went to Weight Watchers. I lost the weight and bought my first pair of jeans.. I basically struggled all my life with weight up and down. The diets, the pills, I finally just accepted that I am a big girl.. But I refused to be ok with as big as I got.. So I did some research and talked with a friend of mine about what she was doing. She told me Keto. She said I will add you to a group I am in..and that was when I was introduced to Dr Berg! I watched videos, I read posts, tried recipes.. and I couldn't believe this was actually working... as of today May 30th I am down 44 lbs. I NEVER have heartburn anymore, and I use to have it DAILY! I don't have weird allergies anymore, my blood pressure has normalized, I have energy all day.. I use to be so sleepy after lunch! Not anymore! I still have a long way to go, but WOW! the difference in how I feel and look already, I can't wait until I hit my goal! Thank you Dr Berg for all the great information... This all works.. If you work it! Trust the Process! My Daily routine does change up, but basically I drink my ACV in the morning, and if I remember at night I will drink it then too. I also have my BPC every morning, I rarely have breakfast, but if I do get hungry I will eat. I typically will just eat lunch at noon, and dinner ( I try to eat by 6, no later than 7) I always have a small piece of some kind of meat, and a veggie and a salad! I try to eat at least 1 avocado a day... I do not usually snack, but sometimes I want something.. and I will have a few pork rinds. I rarely want sweets, but if I do I make myself a cheesecake mousse with cream cheese, HWC, a little sweetner, and a drop of Vanilla extract.. it hits the spot.. I can say I am never starving, and I never feel deprived. I love feeling healthy, and energized.. I try to walk at least 3 times a week. I use hand weights to try to tone my arms up some, and we play a lot of XBox Kinects, sports and dancing..I also drink water with lemon all day long.. I have more weight to lose and I am so excited to where this is taking me! There is no reason to ever introduce those carbs and sugar back into my life! Thank you Dr Berg! You have helped save me and so many others!

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