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By: Jan Keefe

I started my Keto journey to renewed health and fitness on March 12, 2017. I am 5'5" and weighed 170 and was turning 64 the following month. I was a self-proclaimed sugar addict and I didn't know if it was even possible to lose the weight at my age, I decided to commit to it 100% and see what would happen. The rule of thumb I followed was to eat my weight in grams of healthy fats, half my weight in grams of protein and 20 or fewer carbs a day. I was utterly amazed when by the end of my first week of doing KetoI, my craving for sweets was gone! That was a Miracle in my opinion! I ran into a lot of resistance from family in the early weeks when my energy would suddenly be depleted or if I had a headache. I didn't know about the Keto Flu at the time. My body adjusted rather quickly to burning fat and by the middle of May, my weight was down 17 lbs. and my clothes were considerably looser. By June, my Daughter decided that she wanted to join me in getting healthier and losing weight. We joined a gym and started working out together and we started getting toned and I was moving around without the aches and pains I had accepted as part of aging. On days we weren't at the gym, we walked 3.5-4 miles. I started doing Intermittent Fasting with Bulletproof coffee in the morning and Supper. I reached my goal weight of 125 by mid-September. By that time, I knew how to lose weight, but I didn't understand maintenance. My weight has settled at 117 lbs. I will be 65 next month but I feel 30. I am healthier than I have been in years. I cheated one time when I had the Cod at Culvers, though I removed most of the breading. I thorough enjoyed It! I made mistakes along the way, such as restricting my calories to such a low level that my hair thinned. I'm waiting to see if it comes back in thick like it was. Mine is just one Keto success story. What I have learned is that age is just a number if you don't allow it to define You! Good Luck and I look forward to hearing all your keto success stories!

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