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Ruth Hovsepian Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Ruth Hovsepian

I started my journey to good health on Monday, November 6, 2017 at 265lbs. The trigger was having my 4th gouty attack and being told I would have to take even more meds then I already was for hypothyroid and high blood pressure. I have been overweight most of my life there were a few years that I lost weight by starving and keeping it off a couple of years and then ballooning to over 300 lbs losing weight and getting down to 195 lbs (1999) by following the Atkins diet and then over the next 18 years climbing back up to 265 lbs. I had Dr. Berg's book for months and had casual flipped through it and watched videos on Youtube. Sunday night something flipped the switch and Monday morning I went cold turkey. I started IF and clean Keto. I would eat my last meal at 6 and not eat again until 12 the next day. No snacking, no sugar substitutes, no more coffee. I drank only water or herbal tea. Ate veggies and protein. I learned as I went along and tweaked what I ate. I also started to take supplements that were recommended by Dr. Berg (ordered them from his site plus a couple of vitamins). I have had no cheat meals or cheat days. I knew that I needed to be disciplined for it to work. I'm an all or nothing woman unfortunately. Everyday I learn more and understand so much more about how food interacts with our bodies. Today, Friday, May 17, 2018 I weigh 190 lbs. I have incorporated extended fasting to move the weight because once I got to 215 things really slowed down and stalled. I am enrolled in Dr. Berg's health coach course because I want to learn more to help myself and when I am asked about my journey to be able to help others. I started off with my goal weight as 160 but now I'd like it to be 150. I have osteoarthritis, gout, high blood, hypothyroid and scoliosis, I am also perimenopausal. I have struggled with brain fog and mild depression over the years. Today the inflammation in my body seems to have disappeared, I can stand and walk for hours without problem. My mind is clear and I haven't had to fight any depression. I have a Youtube channel and Facebook page both 1965ruthstyle where I have tried to document this journey in the hopes of helping or motivating one person. I will have my daughter take a full body picture tomorrow as an after. Please let me know if you any questions or need clarification. Thank you for this opportunity to share. Ruth

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