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By: Steve Snitzer

I started KETO May 1,2019 and i weighed 230lbs. It is now September 15,2019 and i weigh 176lbs. There were several reasons i started this KETO lifestyle mainly for health reasons. I did not like the way my body was looking after being an athlete my entire life. I was large in the middle, and i had the start of a non alcoholic fatty liver and i also have a small nodule on my thyroid. I found that out after having an MRI done after a dirt bike wreck!! Anyway, i feel great, body fat is melting away and i can honestly say this has been relatively easy. However, i have been very strict to the plan that i have adjusted for me. I do not eat a lot of carbs 5% and i keep accurate count of macros in general. I take vitamins, that i actually purchased from you. In closing, i do not have a weight that i am aiming for it is more body composition. I have many people who cannot believe the transformation and have asked me what they can do to fix their health. It is amazing when you learn the truth about food and what is truly killing us!! It is also sad that most doctors cannot telel a person the real cause of many of their health issues and how truly simple it is to correct. God, there is so much more that i have learned from your channel and i appreciate it. The info you have given to the public can truly save them if they will just listen and be dedicated. This has helped me so much in my job as a Police Officer i cannot even begin to explain the impact. If you would like you can contact me anytime to speak about what i have done and how exactly i did it!! Thanks Dr. Berg

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