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By: David Artibee

I started Keto lifestyle changes when i was 329.7lbs (highest i ever got was 333lbs). I kep doing every diet known to man since high school, college, and after and never could completely lose weight with the exveption when I ran cross country in the summer before my Senior year in high school. however since i hurt my knee, going back to running was really challenging amd i could never lose the weight by juat exercise or "watching what I eat". Since starting the Keto Diet at te very end of May and until now end of September - 4 months, I've lost 45.7 lbs averaging 11lbs/month. I really appreciate Dr. Berg & Thomas Delauer for really breaking down the science and what are the true causes to lose weight and healthly. Your 1 hour body types seminar made me do the switch in my mind of all the things I was doing wrong since by my photo, you'll notice I'm definitely an adrenal body type. Please forgive the date on the photos. I didn't like taking photos of me after certain point so I had to go back to when I was trying to do a real appeal weight program. I have photos of my Weight Tracker as well that I can provide.

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