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By: James Rush

I started Keto in October 2017. I'm 5'11 and I was 225lb. I'd get hungry every few hours. I'd spend so much money on food and snacks every day. I had heart burn every single day. I had no energy to do anything but stay home most of the time. My initial goal was get to 200lb. That's the weight I got to on my diet before. My biggest was 240lb and in 2016, I started a diet. Got down to 200lb. I worked out every day. Ate very little amounts of food. Mostly chicken. I was hungry all the time. It was very difficult. I stopped the diet and went back up to 225lb. So when I started keto, I thought it would be the same. I started in October 2017 at 225lb. By December I was already 200lb. It was so simple! So I kept going. In January I was 195. February I was 190. March 185. April 180. May 175. June 170. I learned how to cook because I liked this so much. I don't waste money on food and snacks now. I'm never sick anymore. I haven't even had heart burn since October. I have so much energy. I feel great!

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