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By: Lisa Austin

I started In June and have lost 40lb learning from you and doing mostly a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting about the last 2-3 months! I am 53 and struggled my Whole Life with weight & will power to keep the weight off! I started at 260lbs and now am 220 ???? My next goal is 199 Onederland lol. I watch something everyday and it keeps me interested and accountable. I love you and learning. I definitly needed thyroid and bio identical hormones plus many of the supplements you recommend. I’ve struggled for sure and had a pretty tough detox period! But with lots of knowledge from All your videos I’ve become So Much Bett, healthier and happier! I’m never going back to my old ways life is so much better now!!! Thank you for all you do in the world you’ve. Helped me and my family change our lives!!! Sincerely Lisa Austin

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