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I started in February 2018 and i lost 40 kilograms (88 pounds) to this day, my goal is to lose 52 kilograms (114 pounds)

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By: Hussein J.

Hi Dr.Berg I just want to share my story, maybe to motivate others and just to say thanks for all the great information about healthy keto and all is for free and public Im sorry ill use metric instead of imperial I start gaining wheight about ten years ago when I was like 24 years old and I continue to gain weight constantly especially after marriage 8 years ago and I let my self go, I eat massive amounts of carbohydrates and sweets when I mean massive, it’s really massive about half a pound of chocolate each day just for dessert, in lunch I have like 7-8 cups cooked rice with meat or chicken and dinner also some kind of burger or other junk food about a litre of pepsi or something like it, the worst part is I was eating constantly between meals and after meals untill one day I hit a 134 kg and btw I'm 178 cm tall and 34 years old and I decided that’s must be stopped it’s madness so a freind of mine recommended me just to do a gastric sleeve or bypass it’s very safe and it works for many many people and I just couldn’t do it im too afraid so I decided just not to eat anymore so i begun to eat one meal a day at 12 pm a heavy meal full with carbs and fat lots of protein i lost some pounds but after only about month I stopped losing weight so I decided to find another way so i started searching the web and YouTube so I find one of your videos on how to burn fat and at first I was shocked and I like what is that, that’s not true especially when it comes to carbohydrates part my body needs carbohydrates I can’t live without it then ill gradually start to see more and more videos of you and I started to realize its true after 3 months from November 2017 till February 2018 I decided to do your program but I started gradually eating less and less carbohydrates starch and sugars and now finally I eat 2 meals a day in 1 pm I have like 2 eggs with ghee and cheddar with a slice of keto bread, some pickled olives or some plane yogurt with olive oil and thyme and for dinner in 5 pm I have a 6-7 oz steak or chicken breast or lamb with a big bowel of salad like cabbage or kale sometimes broccoli with cauliflower and that’s it to the next day in the morning i drink cappuccino with a tsp of honey i have one open day in a week I use mostly butter ghee or olive oil for the fat part i use about a tbsp of fat in each meal I started in February 2018 and i lost 40 kilograms (88 pounds) to this day, my goal is to lose 52 kilograms (114 pounds) Im 34 years old male Married with 2 kids

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