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Uttam Roy Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Uttam Roy

I see yours videos & some others and learned and tried to use in daily life, could not able to see all videos. For last 10 years I am with (border line !) diabetics, but slowly growing. Before six months my A1C was 7.5. I had carpel tunnel (wrist pain) due to computer work for last 5 years in spite of reducing computer work. Recently I was getting pain in toe in leg in the night. I had tingling and numbness in wrist in time if I suddenly wake up. I used brace in wrists. Before 4 months I did some life style change : joined Gym and doing exercise, stopped eating rice/wheat/milk completely. In the lunch time and dinner I eat salad (kale, letus, olive, radish, cucumber, onion, few walnut/pecan, cheese, coconut flakes, one spoon olive oil, avocado, tomato etc. few here and there alternatively), cooked vegetables(broccoli, cabbage, squash, cauliflower, brussels sprouts etc) , egg/fish(salman, sardin,macrail etc)/chicken/lamb/mixed-beans, and one small size tortilla made of black chick pea floor( as it has high fiber). In the morning I eat one table spoon of oat, almond, hemp, flex, chia, sasmee, coconut-flakes, sunflower seed, roasted chick-pea floor, ghee (clarified butter) each, half scoop of whey protein powder etc ( no milk as it has some simple sugar), 1/2 small guava or few mixed berries (no other fruits). In the morning (after 2 hours of eating breakfast till 1:30 pm before lunch) I feel that I get ketosis. I also drink 1/4th lemon and 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar per day. After 4 months, my A1C is 5.5 (lowest in last 10 years) down from 7.5(highest in last 10 years), I had gum problem, my gum is improved as per my dentist. My carpel tunnel is gone like magic, which I thought incurable !!! My all pains are gone. My weight reduced from 145 lbs to 135 lbs(height 5.2", age 47, male), Although I do not follow proper keto diet, the above diet works for me, it may not work for others. Extra benefit I got: earlier my ears were eaching and every week I had to clean wax, now I do not feel any eaching in my ear and do not clean every week, may be does cleaning once in a month. Still I have one issue, I do not know the solution : In office during meeting I feel sleepy regularly, I thought a lot and think that when my brain does not get it or lose interest it goes to sleep mode. Do you have any solution / suggestion for this? Do I need to sleep more ? Thank you, Merry Christmas, happy holidays and happy new years !!!?

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