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Daniel Young Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Daniel Young

I'm so happy I have changed the way I live. People ask me what I have done because they see such an amazing change and I basically tell them about you and I send them to your website and I tell them to watch at least one video per day. We have been living wrong for so long and it takes time to create new habits but I have never felt healthier. I have gotten off of ALL my meds and cancelled having to go to the cath lab because my heart and body is working great again. I was on 10 milligrams Norvasc and 100 milligrams of chlorthalidone and my blood pressure was still 160/104. My triglycerides were 799 with a fatty liver. Before my weight even started to come off the first thing I noticed was the uncomfortable distension in my stomach left by the third week and I was able to sleep on my stomach for the first time in years. I was unable to run at all on the treadmill and I spent two years at the gym everyday and the most I lost was 15 pounds. Now in three months I lost over 35 pounds and the first two months I didn't exercise at all I just learned how to follow your program. The third month I began to exercise. I tell people to watch one of your videos every day so that the seeds get planted and then I told him most of all be patient with your body and be consistent. I can find more before pictures of me standing up but I'm on work in Kansas City. I work for a large Healthcare organization and all my co-workers and Friends are now going to your website. I cant say enough about the health benefits i have received from changing how i live. I have not been starved once. I have never felt more satisfied. Thanks again Dr. Berg

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