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By: Syd Exton

I’m one of those lifetime dieters, usually a low fat diet worked for awhile, and then my sugar cravings came back and I put on more and more weight. This time I was up to 169 an all time high for me. I’m 5’2”. I’m now at 137. I’ve been doing the ketogenic diet since Sept. 3. Until I worked up to intermittent fasting, I plateaued for over a month at 143. Then each time I did a 24+ Hr. fast I lost a lb. I’ve just come off a 48 hr fast, and lost a lb and a half. I feel so great. My back doesn’t hurt anymore, my joints, all good. I’m 70, I own a business and work seven days a week, physical work. I fell twenty yrs younger. During the fast I have good energy but also sleep more. I plan to keep eating this way long term. I still have those dreams that I’ve eaten sugar and all is lost! Hahaha I’ve lost over 25 lb seven times in the last ten hrs alone! And always gained it back. This way of eating is for me. Thank you for all you wonderful videos! I’m so grateful.

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