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By: Jeremy D (04/06/2018)

I am in the military and I could never really find a diet or anything I liked or really stick to. I also was working at a job I hated and wanted to be a police officer so that required me to lose a lot of weight and getting physically fit. A friend of mine in the military-led me to Dr. Berg's videos and I began watching and learning and eventually trying. I started off slow just like instructed and quickly lost 5 pounds. I was like ok this is going good so far and stuck to the keto diet and healthy lifestyle for a few more weeks and lost 5 more pounds. Long story short after about 11 months and almost 60 pounds later I'm a certified police officer where I live. I'm under 200 pounds for the first time in 10 years and I'm healthier than ever and now this low carb diet is no longer a diet it's a way of life. My wife also has gotten on board with this lifestyle and I owe it all to Dr. Berg. I am an avid follower of him and I also tell anyone and everyone looking for dieting advice to get on YouTube to watch him and learn from him.

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