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By: Terry Pablo

I’m from the beautiful island of Guam USA out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I’ve been doing Ketogenic Diet since January 2018 and for the first 3 months I did not lose any weight but I notice my clothes getting lose, I was very disappointed because I wanted to see the lbs drop off, it meant a lot to see the numbers decrease more then the inches. I started to feel helpless and defeated once again. But I felt different and felt better then I ever did before. So I started searching on the internet for more information on keto and I came across your youtube Videos. Your videos has helped motivate me and has kept me well informed on how to deal with my daily challenges, especially with the Keto flu. I continued on my journey and It was not until my 4th month that the lbs started melting off. Thank you for all that you do and God bless you, your family and your team. January 2018 SW 330 August 2018 CW 270

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