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By: Tawana kesecker

I’m a post kidney transplant patient and have type 2 diabetes I body hurt daily I could not function even to do normal daily activities I couldn’t get up with out dreading the day before me cuz of the pain related to inflammation I started watching you on YouTube and things started to make sense to me it was like as if you were treating me through a office visit I found myself just addicted to your you tube videos watching hours upon hours soo intrigued thinking I need to start slowly putting on foot in front of the other and take control your videos have are still inspiring me. I started eating better and doing coconut oil oh my how the simple changes have the best effects I lost 10 pounds my endocrinologist was so pleased my numbers all drop and are right on target I had have a slight decrease in Fat Storing Hormone my goal is to get off all meds except my anti rejection meds for kidney I have more entertainment I Don’t feel heavy and stuff after eating I’m drinking nothing but water I no longer feel bogged down I’m better with mental clarity and I’m starting to feel the power I once had thank you thank you I’m totally a work in progress with your helping in achieving my goals I want to lose Atleast 75 pounds!

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