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leslie splawn Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: leslie splawn

I'm a 76 yr old retired nurse who has enjoyed a slightly hyper thyroid healthy weight all my life until 50 yrs of age. Where an unfortunate surgery took place resulting in half my thyroid being removed and little bits of weight began to creep on and menopause followed at 60 . Tests revealed estrogenic imbalance and by age 66 was diagnosed w breast cancer which I survived w a double mastectomy and chronic fatigue and the weight kept climbing. A family history of poor lower leg circulation problems and painful ankle tendonitis caused my once active life to disappear and though I was not a big eater weight kept creeping on. For some time I've been aware I may also be sleep apneic and a test revealed I did have a mild version that is probably going to increase if I don't work on being 60 lbs over weight. Finding your program is the best thing as even doing it imperfectly I've been able to knock off 26 lbs in just a few months and feel confident and motivated that within a year I will be back to normal . There was a point where I could barely walk and my memory was failing terribly, that is already in reverse. I've done a lot of research on supplements and would love to fine tune these to my needs. A recent saliva hormone test indicated I'm not in cortisol imbalance and everything else is pretty good, my fasting blood sugars are in the low 90s and I'm so grateful to not be battling diabetes. I feel like a success and I'm only half way there !

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