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By: Joyce murdoch

I'm a 62 year old female, who has started a keto diet 3 years ago. I lost 35 pounds, but I did have a myocardial infarction a year later, with a stent placed. My CAC score is 1847, although my lipids tests for the last 25 years (never missed an annual physical) were normal. The first LDL (p) test taken after my heart attack showed over 3000 (basically uncountable) but am now down to 1500 with the addition of zetia. My cardiologist wants the score to 70, so I'm starting Repatha this week. I am APOE 2/4, so I have a problem with eating too much fat. My grandmother was Finnish, so I think I got the FH gene from her. In spite of my LDL particulate problems, I still love the keto diet & attempt to stay on it most of the time (I do cheat a little with some carbs). My GP wants me to eat more of a Mediterranean diet, but I'm still staying away from most of the carbs, just upping more vegetables and limiting red meats. She also thinks that an exposure to uranium for 5 years is the culprit for my heart attack, so I'm doing an IV chelation now too. Took my lead level from 33 to 17. I love your videos, hope to come to the Houston Keto fest 2019 and I hope you will be there too. Thanks, Joyce

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