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By: Denis Silajdzic

I'm 43, male. 1,78 m tall. I had 93 kg and conventional eating habits. First I've begune with crossfiting. Then a month later I've quited a sugar, exept row fruits. That's when I've lost 6 kg in a month. I've kept with crossfiting and zero sugar, but no change another three months. All the time I didn't decreased on calories. On the contrary. Then I've quited bread and pasta of all kind after which I've lost another 3 kg in a month. I've started with more protein and fat intake and kept on crossfiting. I've finaly stabilized at 82 kg after some time. At the time of the Ramadan, I fasted for 20 hours a day and crossfited an hour before my fast break. I've lost another 3 kg to 79 kg. However, all the time I eat like a creasy with mentioned exeptions and geting more athletic kind of body. Two months after the end of Ramadan fast I'm back to 82 kg, everything else remains the same. So, I guess one's weight depends on one's longterm eating and exercising habits.

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