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By: Omar Toma

I’m 33 yrs old with type 1 DM and Hypertention. Also, I have Lumber Spine Stenosis that was agreviated by my weight. At Sep. 2020, my weight was 131Kg Now, on Jan. 2021, it’s 99Kg and willing to reach 90. Started back then on Intermittent Fasting and Low Carb diets, OMAD with low calorie intake. Every week, I do a 48hr fast. 3 times a week, weight lifting, HIIT or Walking for 10,000 steps. I know some people say that its hard on me, but its the only way that helped me. Fat Storing Hormone usage by two third Antihypertensive drugs cut by three quarters Health benefits came before wt. loss Its worth it

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