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By: Sarah Fleischer

I’m 28 years young and I started keto 3 months ago I actually joined the lifestyle for a trip I was taking for my best friends 30th birthday to Dominican Republic. I was never a heavy woman until about 20 when I had my daughter then I carelessly ate and became busy which gave me the excuse to be lazy and year free year I started to pack on weight and I tried everything on the market. Thousands maybe even ten thousand no exaggeration from pills to prepped foods to frozen meals to starve and yo-yo diets, no carb diets, shakes and fat burners, personal trainers and nutritionists and the list goes on and on!!! If I lost weight I’d gain it all backnwith the first plate of pasta or cheeseburger I even looked at. So when I decided to try Keto I was skeptical because I’m like how in life can it be this easy with IF and eating one meal a day and it can be some of my favorite foods with disgression of course and better quality. My life is on the go so one or two meals was like heaven because I could never fit in 6 small meals a day it seemed impossible I’d miss snacks and give up. I hated eating because I was always chewing and it was honestly exhausting!! Anywho I did keto never had any symptoms it was like a glove for me I instantly did two meals now I’m down to one meal a day and in three months down I’m negative 30 pounds!!! On my vacation I made some poor choices I did have some alcohol and I was impressed how I didn’t gain a single pound when I got home I was actually changing my scale batteries because I was convinced it was broke Hahahah no joke I called my friend and told her instantly she was like wow. I had no problem jumping right back into keto because I love it and I plan to stay on it. I’ve now incorporated working out into it and I feel even better. Thank you Dr. Berg!!! Your knowledge has honestly changed my entire life and how I see food!!

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