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By: Ramtin Kariminia From IRAN

I`m 26 years old ,male I was almost 200 ibs …Started my Keto journey since May 2018 for the first time in my life… before then I wan on a high Carb ( easthern ) diet … in july 2018 ( after lessthan 3 mounth ) I`m 145 ibs my keto transformation was so smooth and gradually increasing so I had never felt any discomfort … I followed your orders of eating from beginning ,,, no cheating ...starting from 2 meals … now I do 20 hours of Fasting 4hours of eating … mostly veggies … little protein (fish mostly) huge salad … little bit of fat cause I don`t wanna gain … I`m working out every other day fasted with loooooooooots of ENERGY … at the end of every work out I Run NON~stop for 30 mins …. before KETO I could barely run for 5 mins ….I have to say thank you so so so much dr Berg you changed my life huge respect for what you do <3

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