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I lost 60 pounds!

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By: Nicholas George Christakis

Hello, my name is Nicholas George Christakis, I am 36 years old. In the last 3 years, I have put on a lot of weight, due to cultural differences internationally in Greece. I am from Massachusetts, but due to business ventures, I am living in Greece, where superfluous amounts of food, wine, and alcohol are prevalent everywhere. Basically, you sleep, eat and dream of food and alcohol. By chance, last January on or about the 15, 2012, I googled fat burning, and on the search, Dr. Berg's book came about. I read the preface and title and was curious to learn more. I purchased the book, read it in its entirety, and I was amazed at that the things he was talking about, such as “ Fat Storing Hormone, cortisone and many other factors that affect fat burning. It really made sense, like coffee with sugar, how it raises Fat Storing Hormone and also causes stress and spikes a rise in cortisone. By following what I have learned, I went from 125 kilos to 95 and losing about 2 kilos or more a week. It seems my metabolism is in high gear as well as my hormones. In pounds, this equates to 275 pounds, 209 pounds, 4 pounds respectively. I have followed my diet, actually, I have become a perfectionist with the nutrient side of dieting and fat burning, I eat 100 percent as perfect as I can. Thank you!

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