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By: Rita

In 2015 I weighed more than I ever have, at 206 lbs 5'4". I honestly felt like I was dying. I noticed things going on in my body that had never happened before. I went into adrenal fatigue and a lump grew on the back of my neck. I couldn't stay awake past 6 pm and through the day my mind was a complete fog. This didn't just happen all at once. For years I had gone through highly stressful situations with no way of releasing the build-up, add dieting, and then gorging to that and there I was 33 years old at the brink of death (or so I felt) I started researching adrenal issues and stumbled on Dr. Berg videos I subscribed to his channel and basically started implementing ONE thing! I started just by adding 7-10 cups of dark leafy green salads daily. I didn't purpose to cut out anything specific. I've always known sugar was my enemy and I've done well on low carb diets but nothing ever satiated my body fully as this new step I was taking. Fast forward about a year and I was at 150 lbs! I had lost 56 lbs JUST BY ADDING VEGETABLES. With these vegetables, I felt so satiated that I didn't even want sugar (My God it was a miracle! I didn't even want CHEESECAKE) Never in my entire life had I been able to pass up dessert or pizza! This was life-changing. Here is the saddest part of my happy story... I have gained 20 lbs from October. I decided that I'd allow a stressful situation to bring me back down. Over this winter I stopped eating my salads. I stopped watching Dr. Berg's videos. I started eating out little by little. I started drinking alcohol. I abandoned what made me feel better than ever in a trade for my old miserable self. I don't understand how I let myself get here but I have brought myself back to what works for me and added on some essential supplements from Dr. Berg's recommendations. Last week I set up my over-the-phone consultation and we decided on my brand new "me specific " plan of attack! There ain't no way in hell I'll let myself become miserable and at the brink of death again! NO WAY!

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