I Lost 20 Kilograms

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By: Ali

H! In my country sugars and carbs are the most part of the people's diet. Sugars (sweets, juice, cake...) and carbs (bread, rice, pasta) are overused more than America more than anywhere else in the world, and protein and fats use the minimum, proteins because they are expensive here for example meat are highly expensive and st fat because the doctors say that they are very bad for your health. Which supports government politics. Something funny. I'm from Iran, and Yazd is a city which my fathers come from. We don't live there now but, there according to the statistics 80% of the people here above 40 years old have Diabetes! Everyone except ecto body type are fat! I mean everyone! By the Science that I earned in my studies and YouTube, I made a perfect diet for myself and I lost 20kg! Solid weight! That didn't come back and a healthy liver, and a healthy metabolism. I used 2 kinds of diet with Intermitted Fasting, the first was carb cycle, and then ketogenic. Well in my ketogenic your video helps me a lot to understand the importance of electrolytes. Using lots of vegetables, a bit nuts, and using organic foods (which are very expensive here), and butter not only I lost 20kg but also my hair loss stopped, I had high blood pressure that no longer exists. I suffer from a headache I couldn't study for a long time more than 5hr all gone. Just by cutting that fu..king sugars. Thanks your channels helped me a lot

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