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I lost 129 Pounds

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By: Jennifer Stewart

I lost 129 lbs, beginning at age 50. I’ve been in maintenance for 3 years, and am now 55. I have PCOS.

You've changed my life. I’ve been featured in Prevention magazine and Woman's World. I was also interviewed by NBC Nightly News. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA7h40yL1aI&t=49s I do not follow mainstream doctors, but follow Dr. Berg and Dr. John Bergman. Besides the up and down pattern, my biggest thing is in making sure to eat 100 g protein per day, which helps my metabolism. Before I started my journey, i barely ate protein. i supplement with whey isolate when needed. I was metabolically challenged by the foods i ate, PCOS, obese family, etc. I’m not sure exactly why this just worked for me. Typically when I’d go on a diet, my metabolism slowed down to accommodate for the lowered calories, within days. All my life, when i followed other mainstream diets, I’d lose about 1/2 lb per week in the beginning stages, which was very discouraging. When i tried this method, I could tell within a week that something was different. This pattern (intermittent fasting - JUDDD, which is a type of ADF, also referred to as EOD) changed my life. I wish more people would give it a try before resorting to weight loss surgery.

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