I lose 2 lbs each week

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By: Lori Birch

I started the program at 156 pounds and now I am at 139, losing a total of 17 pounds within 9 weeks. I was a size 14 and now I can fit into some of my size 8 clothes. However, this is amazing because I had a very stubborn metabolism. I’m a single mother raising 3 small children by myself and my health is important. My face has even changed—its’ less round. The best thing about this program is that it really brought my overall health up. I’m off all three mediations (for blood pressure, thyroid, and depression). My blood pressure is down to 117/70. Even though I was on thyroid medication, I was a primary ovary type, which can cause a secondary thyroid problem. My clothes fit so much better and my energy is through the roof. I am consistently losing 2 pounds per week. Everyone in the office is wondering what I’m doing. Thanks so much.!

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