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Yvonne Bromley Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Yvonne Bromley

I live in the UK and stumbled across Dr Berg's superb and informative videos by chance. I was having problems with diverticulitis, excessive post menopausal hot flushes and other symptoms which I recognised from Dr Berg's videos as pointing to Fat Storing Hormone resistance. I also had a TIA four years ago. Because I had a fat belly and cellulitus on my thighs plus problems with flatlence and reflux, I began to take apple cider vinegar and follow the healthy keto diet. In two months I have lost over one stone and, having consulted my doctor, I requested a test for diabetes. Results showed that if I had not changed my diet when I did, then I would have diabetes for sure. The doctor said I had "dodged a bullet" and that I should continue with my current diet and get tested again in two months as I am still in a "grey" area vis-a-vis the blood results. He hopes they will be normal by then. All my reflux and gerd problems have gone. Hot flushes drastically reduced and no current issue with diverticulitis. I should also mention that I have very bad tinnitus, which I hope will also improve in due course. I was interested to watch Dr Berg's recent videos on this topic. I believe Dr Berg saved me from lots of future health issues. He is giving a great, free service to many people and has my complete admiration! Keep up the excellent work. Regards. Yvonne

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