I learned how to change my lifestyle and crashed through the last 50 pounds.

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By: Jakob H.

This is me at my absolute heaviest and worst looking. I had let my hair and beard grow wild and I tipped the scales at 390 pounds. I was fucking miserable. I've been fat my whole life. To give you an idea as a 12-13 year old I was wearing size 36 Husky pants. Today I'm wearing size 36 regular fit. From September of 2016 to now I have lost pretty much most of the weight I'm going to lose, and I'll lose more when I get the excess skin taken care of. I've lost way beyond what my doctor even expected because I coupled the surgery with changing my entire lifestyle. In September of 2016 I had gastric sleeve surgery. I know a lot of you look down on that sort of thing but let me tell you, it is not the easy way out, especially when you had the shit going on that I did. When you have that surgery you have to learn how to eat again and it changes everything for the rest of your life. I will never drink a soda again, never go back to a brazilian steakhouse due to their all you can eat format. I've learned how to order for four meals since if I go out and get an entree I will typically get 3-4 meals out of it in total. Everything changes, but I suppose the difference for me was I didn't really care. I never had much of a sweet tooth and I actually eat pretty well, but my mental issues had me just downing mass amounts of food, and pasta was my biggest weakness of all. I suffer from depression, anxiety disorder, and OCD. Less compulsions like I had to shake my head constantly when I was younger, but more obsessions and unprompted stuff happening in my brain that was incredibly disturbing. I ate because food gave me something else to focus on that was pleasurable. It gave me a break from the dad who would eventually develop and die from alcoholic dementia after embezzling my entire trust fund and college fund, the bullies at school because I was the shy and quiet fat kid with the giant glasses, and then later as I worked and put myself through school, going from a 9th grade dropout to a Masters degree. Food was one of my closest friends through most of life but I knew it was time to end it but I was addicted. I had myself convinced of all the things fat people do from thyroid function on and since my early 20's I was diagnosed as having the testosterone levels of a 60 year old with a 140 number. So in September of 2016 I had my gastric sleeve surgery and they also took out my gall bladder for good measure. After the surgery while I was recovering and not eating anything I started having a stabbing in my lower left just below the abdomen. To make sure my sutured up stomach hadn't sprung a leak they had me do a CT scan. The diagnosis for that was diverticulitis, my first time to ever have it, and likely an opportunistic infection from the surgery. I had to go on two powerful antibiotics and I couldn't actually eat. Those pills made me so sick when I took them, and one of them made everything taste like bitter metal. I could barely drink water at that point and I spent a lot of time laying down and feeling miserable. On top of that, I had another thing come up. When they do a CT scan they do it for a whole portion of the body and they look through those things just in case. I was fortunate in a way because it was caught, but they found that half of my right kidney, right across the middle of it, had a tumor there classified as Bosniak 3 level which is a 50/50 maybe it's cancer and maybe it isn't type of thing. So I went through all sorts of diagnosis on that and I thought I was sure to lose my kidney. My urologist referred me to UT Southwestern though and they did a robotic partial nephrectomy. It had a high chance of complications but my doctor is one of the best and he was able to do it successfully. The biggest problem turned out to be because they had to go in through the same abdominal muscle that they did for my sleeve surgery which later led to a hernia. On top of the sleeve surgery I learned through Dr. Berg about Intermittent Fasting. The sleeve only does some of the work but through Dr. Berg and Thomas DeLauer I learned how to change my lifestyle and crashed through the last 50 pounds. I wish it could help with all the excess skin I have but it seems $40k if surgery is the only way,

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