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Penny Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Penny

I hope it is ok for me to ask you a question here. I have been doing intermittent fast for over a year. At the beginning, it was effective. I got more energy and lost a lot weight. But recently , it lost its effectiveness. I only eat one meal a day which is around 4pm. I don’t eat sugar and carbohydrates. I eat some meat and a lot of vegetables. But I am gaining weight recently . The funny thing is my glucose level is always around 109 even after 20 hours of fasting. According to my doctor, I am pre diabetic, but my ACI is 5.7. I walk on the hills for 40 minutes a day. I am very confused and discouraged at this time . BTW, I am 58 years old female who is I general good health . Would you please give me some suggestions?

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